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Things to remember when parking in a NYC Parking Garage

  • Look for a well lighted parking garage. The parking garage should be brightly lighted with clear signs.
  • Avoid overfilled parking garages. Garages that have cars parked all along the entrance ramps are probably beyond capacity.
  • Avoid parking garages with very narrow entrances. This is a giveaway that the space is tight inside.
  • Look for parking garages with lifts. Parking garage lifts are excellent, since you car has its own space. Many outdoor garages and some indoor garages use lifts.
  • When parking always circle your car with the parking garage attendant. Make note of any dents, scratches dings. Also, be sure to get the name of the parking attendant.
  • When you return to the parking garage, carefully inspect all the panel of the car especially the bumpers for any new damage. Point out any damage before leaving the parking garage. If your vehicle is damaged fill out a damage claim form. Make sure you take down the name of the manager and contact information for the corporate office. Also take pictures of the damage if possible. If you leave without reporting the damage you are out of luck.
  • Place all valuables out of sight. If you just went shopping, it’s better to put everything into the trunk.
  • Leave only a valet key when possible.

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There is nothing more frightening than pulling a brand new car into an attendant parking garage facility. Those of you who park in the big cities know the routine – you pull into a basement garage that resembles a dungeon maze. The place is dimly lite and there are an endless number of cement columns, many of them bearing the scars of painted car bumpers. Close phobia sets in as you enter the narrow ramp, where cars are only parked inches apart, mirror to mirror, bumper to bumper. These “unsafe” parking garages are places you should try and avoid. So, are there any safe parking garages out there? Well every garage has their share of accidents. Many of these bumps and scraps could have been avoided by proactive measures by the garage.

The answer is that there are many parking garages that have invested major capital and expense to try and reduce the number of customer complaints. They do this by (1) investing is good fluorescent lighting (2) hiring responsible employees (3) wrapping columns with shock absorbing material and (4) covering walls and any sharp extrusions with rubber padding or protective materials. In addition, the physical layout of a parking garage is also very important. If you are parking your car in a cramped basement garage, you are more likely to have your car damaged.

In a spacious garage layout much less precision driving is required, there are fewer cement columns, and vehicles are parked in neat rows. A good sign of potential trouble is an overcrowded parking garage with vehicles parked along the ramps, making entering and exiting difficult. This is sometimes an indication that the parking garage has exceeded its vehicle capacity.

If your car or its contents have been damaged or stolen at a parking lot, a lawyer can advise you of your rights and remedies against the parking lot. But before you worry about this remember to take everyone’s name down who is at the scene, and if possible take pictures of your car before you leave the garage. It is also a good idea to file a police report and contact your automobile insurance carrier. Below are some additional links, which may assist you in figuring out what remedies are available to you.

Useful Links - NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs -Check the status of a parking garage for complaint history - If you have to file a complaint or get copy of accident record