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BumpShox XXL


Keep your front and rear bumper guards folded and more organized in your trunk. BumperBlocker trunk storage straps are manually adjustable; so buy one strap for each bumper guard.

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The BumpShox XXL is the BIGGEST and THICKEST front bumper guard on the market, measuring 15 inches wide and 2.5 inches thick, it is noticeably wider and taller than any standard license plate frame. Featuring a blacked-out logo to maintain a stealth appearance and an all-new military tough surface texture. The distinctive arches and steep angles compliment and enhance the look for any front bumper all while providing maximum protection from low impact parking bumps.
The BumpShox XXL is a replacement license plate frame made from flexible foam rubber that doubles as a car bumper protector. It is designed to complement the sculpted lines of your vehicle while offering bumper protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - no need to remove the bumper guard.


  • BumpShox Specs

15" Width x 2.5" Thick x 8.5" Tall (9.75" w/FlexFin)



We include screws and bolts (4) # 14 x 1” and (4) M6 x 1” with your BumpShox. However, most standard license plate screws will work if you want to use your current screws. The BumpShox may be mounted using 2 or 4 screws.

Please note that the standard distance between the license mounting holes is 7 inches - center to center. This is standard license plate spacing in the United States, however due to dealership handling, there may be some exceptions. Please measure the distance between mounting holes before ordering.

Note: BumpShox Will Not Work on some Volvo vehicles because the screws on certain Volvo license plate brackets are integrated directly into the frame and can’t be removed.

BumpShox is Intended For Use on the Front Bumper Only! It Will Not Fit the Rear Bumper Because the Flex-Fin is too tall.

Flexible Toughness

Flexible Toughness - Bend it, Flex it, Twist it...BumpShox is resilient and will absorb impact energy then flex back to its original shape bump after bump and will never rust, crack or bend out of shape.

Unobstructed plate design

Unobstructed plate design to clearly view your full license plate, simply push your plate in and attach using standard license plate holes.

Pyramid structure

Pyramid structure – BumpShox is taller, wider and thicker than a standard license plate frame to provide extra clearance and maximum protection.

Patented FlexFin

Patented FlexFin that extends 1.75” from the top of the BumpShox offering extended protection from taller vehicles and SUVs.

Extreme weather rated

Extreme weather rated material resistant to chemicals, UV and weather, which remains flexible even in freezing temperatures.

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