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NYC Parking Garages: How to select a NYC Parking Garage in Manhattan

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If you venture into Manhattan with a car, expect to park in a NYC parking garage. New York City parking garages are located throughout Manhattan and many are available 24 hours a day. NYC parking garages are the most convenient way to park your car and with parking garages scattered throughout Manhattan you will surely find a parking garage within close proximity of your final destination. Keep in mind that most NYC parking garages are valet, so make sure you keep any valuables out of sight. If you plan a trip to Manhattan be sure to plan ahead; check online to find parking garages in the area and check the rates. Almost all New York parking garages have special early bird rates for people who come in before 10:00-11:00. The easiest way to search for New York parking garages is by using Google Maps. Simply type in the word NYC parking garages and an address or intersection and Google Maps will display all the parking garages on a map. To get information about the parking garage lot, simply scroll over the icon for a picture and rate information. There are only a handful of parking garage companies in New York City including Central Parking Garages, Standard Parking, Edison ParkFast, Five Star Parking, Network Parking, Hertz, Icon Parking Garages, Champion Parking Garages, Quik Park, Enterprise Parking and Imperial Parking Garages. Some of these parking garages offer special rates and parking garage coupons directly on their website. Our recommendation is to select 2 or 3 parking garages companies in the area and print coupons for these garages. You do not need to make a reservation for NYC parking garages because all NYC parking garages work on a “first come first serve” basis. Even with a parking garage reservation, if there is no space in the parking garage then your out of luck. Keep these parking garage coupons in your glove box for future use.

NYC Parking Garage Tips: Manhattan Parking Garages

1) Most if not all NYC parking garages are valet parking, so make sure you secure all your valuables before parking in a NYC parking garage. (2) NYC parking garages are generally very expensive, so make sure you ask the price before pulling into the garage. The further you park from attractions and destinations [...]

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Finding a reputable NYC Parking Garage is easy when you know what to look for…

When looking for a quality NYC parking garage keep the following check list in mind: (a) Lighting: A good Parking garage will be well lit with bright fluorescent lighting. (b) Safety: Some parking garages have invested in wall padding and rubber columns covers for added protection. This helps protect your car bumpers from accidental scratches. (c) Convenience: [...]

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Facts about NYC Parking Garages

Do I need to tip the New York City Parking Garage attendant ?Tipping is not a requirement, but a common practice in most NYC parking garages. The valet parking attendant is providing you with a service, so a nice tip will show your appreciation. Generally, $1-$5 dollar tip is customary, but you are [...]

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NYC Parking Garage Coupons

If you frequently drive into New York City for dinner or a show you need to know about NYC parking garage coupons. What many New Yorkers do not realize is that many NYC parking garage offer online coupons and discount specials that can cut the cost of parking almost in half. NYC parking [...]

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Cheap NYC Parking Garages: Finding a cheap New York City Parking Garage is as easy as printing a NYC Parking Garage coupon

Finding a cheap NYC parking garage is not a myth. NYC parking garages are known for their ridiculously expensive parking rates, but lately many NYC parking garages are offering customers discounted parking garage prices. If you drive into a NYC parking garage don’t expect the discounted parking prices to be posted on the [...]

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Discount NYC Parking Garages: Stop paying too much for NYC parking garages…get NYC Parking Garage coupons and save money.

One of the biggest peeves of parking in a NYC parking garage is the cost. On average you can expect to pay anywhere between $40-$60 dollars to park in most NYC parking garages. This is steep when you consider that street parking is free. Nonetheless, street parking can be difficult to find, [...]

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NYC Parking Garage locator: How to find a cheap New York City Parking Garage easily ?

Finding a cheap NYC Parking Garage is a snap. Lets say you have tickets for a show at Lincoln Center and are looking for a NYC parking garage in the vicinity. You can locate all parking garages by using Google Maps. Simply go to google.com and click on “maps”. In the [...]

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NYC Parking Garages Tips: A few tips for finding a safe and reliable New York City Parking Garage

NYC Parking garages are in abundance throughout New York City, so finding a parking garage is never an issue. Finding a safe/reliable New York City parking garage is another story. If you ever parked in a NYC parking garage you can attest to the fact that many of these garages are small, overcrowded [...]

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How safe is your car in a NYC parking garage ?

A NYC parking garage is safer than NYC street parking, but there are still some inherent risks. Most parking garages are over crowded with limited space. Squeezing in more cars means more money, so parking garages are doing their best to maximize the space. Since cars are often parked in long rows, [...]

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