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Cheap NYC Parking Garages: Finding a cheap New York City Parking Garage is as easy as printing a NYC Parking Garage coupon

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Finding a cheap NYC parking garage is not a myth. NYC parking garages are known for their ridiculously expensive parking rates, but lately many NYC parking garages are offering customers discounted parking garage prices. If you drive into a NYC parking garage don’t expect the discounted parking prices to be posted on the wall. As such, most people who park in NYC parking garages are clueless about NYC parking garage coupons. Some NYC parking garages are offering up to 50% off the regular parking garage rates. To claim your NYC parking garage coupon simply go to the parking garage website and print their coupon and view their parking garage specials. Some of the largest NYC parking garages include Icon Parking Garage, Imperial Parking Garage, Champion parking garage, Central parking garage and Edison parking garage. These NYC parking garages have parking garage locations throughout New York City. In addition to discount parking garage coupons, some NYC parking garages are offering customer loyalty membership that will entitle you to 50% at any of their NYC parking garage locations. If you frequent NYC parking garage this may be a good option for you. In addition, many NYC parking garages offer early bird specials at steep discounts.