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Finding a reputable NYC Parking Garage is easy when you know what to look for…

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When looking for a quality NYC parking garage keep the following check list in mind:

(a) Lighting: A good Parking garage will be well lit with bright fluorescent lighting.
(b) Safety: Some parking garages have invested in wall padding and rubber columns covers for added protection. This helps protect your car bumpers from accidental scratches.
(c) Convenience: Parking garage is easy to enter and exit. Ramps are clear of any parked vehicles.
(d) Organization: Cars are parked in an organized fashion in rows with sufficient space between vehicles.
(e) Service: Parking garage attendant should examine your vehicle upon entering the parking garage and mark down any visible damage. This way there is no misunderstandings when you pick up your vehicle.

Don’t always focus on price when selecting a parking garage. Instead, find a NYC parking garage with a solid reputation for safety and service.