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How safe is your car in a NYC parking garage ?

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A NYC parking garage is safer than NYC street parking, but there are still some inherent risks. Most parking garages are over crowded with limited space. Squeezing in more cars means more money, so parking garages are doing their best to maximize the space. Since cars are often parked in long rows, the parking attendants are constantly moving vehicles to retrieve vehicles buried in the back. Since vehicles are parked so close together its not surprising that accidents happen. 0The most common complaints are scratches to the front and rear bumpers and door dings. While there is no guaranteed way to prevent parking garage mishaps, some common sense tips will help you park safer in NYC parking garages. The most important tip is to park in a brightly lighted parking garage where cars are neatly lined up and there is enough space between each vehicle. When you pull into a NYC parking garage lot, make sure you check your vehicle carefully for any scratches, dents and marks. In some cases the parking garage attendant will circle your car and look for damage. Always check your vehicle for damage before leaving a parking garage lot. If you notice any damage, bring it to the attention of the parking garage manager. If it’s a small scratch or screw mark the parking garage manager will usually claim it was there already. If you are more insistent they will tell you to contact the corporate office and file a claim. Good luck collecting; a NYC parking garage will not pay for minor damage to the bumpers. Most parking garages have posted signs stating “ not responsible for damage to painted plastic bumpers.” The parking garage ticket and monthly parking garage agreement have similar clauses. So, how safe is your car in a NYC parking garage ? Well it depends on where you park and a little luck.