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NYC Parking Garages go hi-tech: A handful of New York City Parking Garages are testing the concept of automated parking.

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Many supermarkets have embraced auto check out systems for their efficiency and cost savings. Similarly, NYC parking garages testing the idea of going automated – allowing customers to pull into a parking garage and hand there car over to an automatic parking attendant that will use robotics and computer technology to park a vehicle, without any parking garage attendants. Why are some NYC parking garages considering an automated system? The limited space of most NYC parking garages limits the number of vehicles that can occupy any given space. Since the parking attendants needs to be able to maneuver the cars and enter/exit vehicles there is lots of wasted space. Given these parameters a few hi-tech companies have developed an automated parking garage system that is likely to revolutionize the way we park. Currently, few NYC parking garages are conducting test pilots of the system – the biggest concern being the safety of the system. The idea behind the new parking garage system is that automating the process of parking cars will increase efficiency, safety and reduce long term operating costs. Additionally, the automated parking garages will likely double the number of parked vehicles compared to a traditional parking garage. The biggest issue now if the significant cost of establishing the system and whether NYC patrons will embrace or reject the new system. If this new automated system works, many NYC parking garages will have some tough competition.