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NYC Parking Garages Tips: A few tips for finding a safe and reliable New York City Parking Garage

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NYC Parking garages are in abundance throughout New York City, so finding a parking garage is never an issue. Finding a safe/reliable New York City parking garage is another story. If you ever parked in a NYC parking garage you can attest to the fact that many of these garages are small, overcrowded and dingy. Cars are staggered throughout the parking garage and many are parked only inches apart with barely enough space to open the car door. Given the limited space, most NYC parking garages try to maximize the number of parking spaces and this is one of the main reasons cars are damaged in parking garages. Some of the most common complaints are bumper scraps, scratches and screw marks. Other complaints include dings and dent to the doors and fender, as well as scratches to the mirrors. Car bumper damage is so common that most NYC parking garages have signs posted on the wall that read “we are not responsible for damage to plastic bumpers.” This sign serves to limit the parking garage liability in case your car is damaged. Consequently, finding a safe NYC parking garage is more important than you think. Parking Garage tip #1 is to look for the largest parking garage in any given area. Typically larger parking garages spaces are better suited for parking and the spaces a wider. Smaller NYC parking garages usually fit under 50 vehicles and these parking garages are cramped. Parking Garage tip #2: Make sure the NYC parking garage you select is bright with lots of lights. All to often parking garages are dark and dingy. The lack of light saves the parking garage money, but the drivers cannot see how to park – not a good thing. Parking Garage tip #3: When you first pull into a NYC parking garage walk around the vehicle with the attendant and make sure they inspect your vehicle for damage. Some NYC parking garages make the attendants do a quick walk around, but not all parking garages follow this protocol. When you pick up your vehicle from the parking garage carefully walk around the vehicle and inspect the side panels and bumpers. Let the attendant know immediately if you notice any damage. Parking Garage Tip #4: Wash your car before parking in a parking garage. It’s much easier to spot parking damage on a clean car than one that’s covered in salt. Remember, you cannot return to the parking garage a few hours later and claim they scratched your vehicle. Many people only notice scratches and screw marks on their bumper after a car wash.